Not much of anything

Another rough night's sleep, lots of active and varied dreams. Nothing horrible this time, just busy and active. Woke up with my back and shoulders tense. I got up and got moving, got showered and stuff. Trying to get in gear for today. At least tonight will be visiting some friends and their pooches. Yay critter time.

Tomorrow is a landmine day. Aka my name for those days that I tend to forget about and then I step into it and boom. So I've started marking them in my calendar so that they're not utterly unexpected. We'll see how much of a mood swing tomorrow throws at me. (If you're curious, tomorrow is the anniversary of Dad's passing). Oddly so, it's also the offical release day for Ubuntu 15.10. So I may spend the day wrapped up in VM rebuilds and updates and stuff.

On a happier note, today has been good book news day. All the Mira Grant 'Feed' novellas and some new stuff will be collected, which is always good. Also, the author of one of my favorite short stories in the last couple of years, Ruthanna Emrys, has two full Mythos novels coming soon from Tor. I highly recommending reading The Litany of Earth if you like seeing the Mythos from another (slightly bulgy) point of view. In fact *queues up the story for a reread*

That's about it for today. My internets are exploding about 'Back to the Future' day, which is oddly more annoying than it should be. I guess I'm just being a grumpy old Cultist. Oh well. Catch you all later.

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