Spawning Day the XLVII

(or the 47th for those who don’t read Latin numerals)

Just a quick post to say I’ve had another spawning day. Nothing spectacular happened today, but nothing horrible either. Worked from home, haven’t done a whole lot. Watching movies, going to head to bed with a book in a little while. Oh, I know I still owe a H.P Lovecraft Film Fest post, just haven’t had the braincells to post much. Maybe this weekend. So that’s about it for this spawning day. Laters cultists.

Happy Spawning Day to Me

Quick post, I've hit 46 cycles around the flaming ball of death in the sky. Working from home today, not getting a lot done. Distracted fox is distracted. Tonight I'm going to a local screening of Prince of Darkness. Normally I won't go to a movie during the work week, but that's one of my top 5 movies, and it's showing on a big screen on my Spawning Day, so if that's not a sign, nothing is. So tomorrow I'll probably be dragging. But it will be worth it. I also still owe a post about the HPLFF, maybe this weekend. Assuming my anxiety drops a notch or two. But until then, happy spawning day to me :)

Spawning Day Weekend: Day 3

Last day of the Spawning Day weekend, got up about the usual time. Got up and headed down to Amythest's for the usual laundry and TV. Caught up on 'Scream Queens' which continues to be a pure dose of WTF, and an episode of 'Minority Report' which I like, but have low hopes for it lasting. Came home a little while ago, put up laundry, dishes are running, and I'll probably be going off to bed and book in a little bit.

It's been a very good Spawning Day weekend. I hope the good mood lasts for a while. Catch you all tomorrow when I try to keep happy going. Laters.

Spawning Day Weekend: Day 2

Was a very good spawning day. Got up, got moving and got ready. Got packages containing a bunch of Innsmouth stuff from one Kickstarter, and a collection of 'Togas and Tentacles' tales from another. Headed down to the Fort Worth zoo, met up with Amythest and Nymaz and we went around looking at critters. Been a while since I've gone, but most of the critters were in their usual places. Saw the meerkats and the swift fox and the coyotes and lions and tigers and bears (oh my). Was great weather, and if a tad crowded, it wasn't horrible. We left as the place closed, and met up with some more friends at King Tut's for Egyptian food. Yummy as always, and as the spawning day boy I got to try baklava for the first time. I actually liked it quite a bit, which is odd as I'm not a fan of honey normally. We parted ways after dinner, and I came home. Now I'm vegging out with a period horror flick, and playing catch up with stuff. Tomorrow will be a mostly standard Sunday of TV and laundry and hanging out. All very good things. Well, not laundry.

So yeah, it's been a very good day. Hoping this is a sign of a very good year to come. I still have spawning day related stuff to do, my next year's resolutions and some project plotting, plus there's the whole job hunting thing that I need to ramp up. But for now, I'm just going to enjoy the last bits of my spawning day. Technically I have 8.5 hours of Spawning Day, going by the AoE time zone, but I doubt I'll be up that late. So, happy spawning day to me. Catch you all tomorrow.

Spawning Day Weekend: Day 1

Because I can, I decided that I'll be celebrating my Spawning Day all weekend. Woke up, got moving, started watching the 'After Dark Films: 8 Films to Die For' set. I've been a fan since the first set was released oh so many years ago (Gravedancers in the theatre with Ufies). The 2nd year me and Amythest watched all 8 in the theatre over a weekend, and I've watched the rest when they came out on DVD. This year, it's Amazon Streaming. Yay movies. Yay quirky movies of horror. One zombie, one horror comedy, and now one haunted/possessed. So far, all have been pretty decent.

While watching movies, I've made lunch, and I'm working on my Friday VM updates. For dinner I'll probably order a pizza, or go get a cheesesteak. Classic Vulpine dinner. Good way to spend day one of Spawning Day weekend,, horror, and Mythos stuff. I have a bunch of unsorted props and papers I was thinking of organizing. Yay organized eldritch horror.

So that's about it for right now, I'll catch you all later. *waves a tentacle*