Landmine day of meh

Good evening led to another night of crazy dreams, including being a professor of Archaeoastronomy in the universe of 'The Big Bang Theory'. There were other less pleasant dreams that I don't really recall. Woke up, got up, got moving. Ran a couple of errands and now at home.

Mood is pretty rotten, landmine day and all. I don't want to be dealing with anything. I'm not planning to do much of anything today. Well, besides running my update flurry a day early due to 15.10's release date, and plans to be out and about most of the weekend. So that should keep be occupied, and maybe distracted.

So yeah, not in a good mood. I know I need to put some effort against this feeling, but honestly, I don't have the spoons today. I'm just going to work on calming stuff, and have 'Ghost in the Shell' playing in the background. Catch you all later. *waves a tentacle*

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