Well, I had a fun evening. I went over to visit some friends and their puppies. I'd met their boy dog, Ash before...but it's been a long while, and I've only seen blurry pictures of their girl dog Eris (who fits her name). Most of you know my opinions of dogs, I like them like I like children, other peoples. So it was fun to play with the puppies, even if Eris trolled me about letting go of her ball to throw it, and Ash got wound up and enthusiastic. Nothing bad, just he's going through dog teenagehood and is full of vim and vigor. And since I know him, and his humans, I'm infinitely more tolerant of behavior than I would be with random strange dog (or random strange child for that matter).

Besides puppies, I got to social with the humans. Talked assorted foo, from work to books to virtual machine software. Good time was had. Came home a little while ago and am winding down. Soon it will be book and bed time. Sleep, perchance to not have overly active dreams I hope. Night night fellow cultists.

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