Spawning Day Weekend: Day 2

Was a very good spawning day. Got up, got moving and got ready. Got packages containing a bunch of Innsmouth stuff from one Kickstarter, and a collection of 'Togas and Tentacles' tales from another. Headed down to the Fort Worth zoo, met up with Amythest and Nymaz and we went around looking at critters. Been a while since I've gone, but most of the critters were in their usual places. Saw the meerkats and the swift fox and the coyotes and lions and tigers and bears (oh my). Was great weather, and if a tad crowded, it wasn't horrible. We left as the place closed, and met up with some more friends at King Tut's for Egyptian food. Yummy as always, and as the spawning day boy I got to try baklava for the first time. I actually liked it quite a bit, which is odd as I'm not a fan of honey normally. We parted ways after dinner, and I came home. Now I'm vegging out with a period horror flick, and playing catch up with stuff. Tomorrow will be a mostly standard Sunday of TV and laundry and hanging out. All very good things. Well, not laundry.

So yeah, it's been a very good day. Hoping this is a sign of a very good year to come. I still have spawning day related stuff to do, my next year's resolutions and some project plotting, plus there's the whole job hunting thing that I need to ramp up. But for now, I'm just going to enjoy the last bits of my spawning day. Technically I have 8.5 hours of Spawning Day, going by the AoE time zone, but I doubt I'll be up that late. So, happy spawning day to me. Catch you all tomorrow.

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