The hits keep on coming

Well, it's been a week. Not a great week. Last weekend I felt lousy, had to miss visiting with a friend in from the Bay Area who I haven't seen in years. *sad fox* Was out sick Monday, everything felt wrong, so I mostly just napped. Work was work, patching before a release on Tuesday, aka how fast can we do this? Pretty darn fast actually. Last night we had emergency patching for Windows servers due to the latest ransomware BS. I hate windows. Slept for crap again last night, and I'm feeling pretty foul today. Stomach is unhappy, lungs are crunchy, and I'm off most of my allergy meds for the testing next week. I'm a mess. Also, my insurance denied my first request for the new depression treatment. Now my doc and my rep are appealing it, and I know for any expensive treatments insurance will push back hard, but emotionally this is a hit. We'll see what happens next week.

So yeah, I'm not doing hot. Mentally/emotionally I'm all over the place. Physically I covered already. At least I have Cthulhu covering the spiritual side of things *wink* Mother's Day is tomorrow, my plan to send out a bunch of mother's day cards to people has been delayed, I just really haven't had the spoons to write cards. Maybe later today/tomorrow. Not thinking too much otherwise about tomorrow...hoping there isn't a ton of emotional foo, I really don't have it in me to cope. So here's to not needing a ton of cope.

Not much else going on. Slowly upgrading my VM horde, at least the Ubuntu ones to 17.04. I need to look at what version of Fedora is default now, I haven't checked in a while. And there's the obvious windows updates. Plus movies, probably going to stick with favorites vs trying to find something new. Can't wait for next weekend and the new 'Alien' movie. I enjoyed 'Prometheus' and 'Alien vs Predator', so I'm pretty sure I'll be a fan.

So, I'll call this a post. Hopefully next week won't be as ick as this last one was, and maybe I'll even make some process into feeling human again. Laters gators.

And now, the allergist.

After multiple months of insane body crap, I finally got a referral to an allergist. Had one already picked out, some friends of mine swear by him. So I went over this afternoon. Already had my paperwork filled out, like when a doctor makes it easy to do the stupid stuff quick.

Got the vitals checked, and saw the doctor within 10 min, if not less. Nice guy, chatty and has a sense of humor. Given my doctor phobia, it's good not to stress out on meeting the guy. We went over my history, my symptoms, what I've done, etc. Long story short (seriously, we talked a long while.) I have allergies from hell. Seriously, I've seen less OMG looks from doctors telling people about cancer. So, it's not just basic sniffles and me being a hypochondriac. The down side, besides the obvious Mt really could be ANYTHING. My vitamins, my diet, grass, some plant I've never heard of, or, more than likely, some combination of the above. On the plus side, I'm already in a lot of the habits I'll need to be to get over this. And the ones he wants me to start aren't out there for me. So what's the plan ?

Week after next I do the full panel of pricks. (laugh, the only way I'm keeping my sanity is thinking like a 13 year old). 165 of them. But we'll find out what all are the problems. If it's non-food allergies, the next steps are shots. Lots of shots. But I can handle needs if it helps. If it's food allergies, well I change my diet. Which, given my experience with onions, is far more palatable. I know I can change my diet. It will suck, but it's a suck I can control.

So, we'll see. Until then it's more crap up my nose, gargling, and a lot of my current activities. At least I doubt I'm allergic to magnets, for that would make tomorrow SUCK.

State of the Fox: Additional

I forgot, I gave up caffeine, and I'm finally starting to not feel like utter crap. I've known for a while that my Code Red habit wasn't good for my health, but I didn't have the willpower or immediate reasons to quit. Then a number of messages from the multiverse came in, and I decided I needed to quit before I had big reasons to. Plus, caffeine + anxiety is not a good mix. Along with that, I've cut majorly down on sugar. It's been kind of rough. Last time I quit caffeine, I was in the hospital with Stan, and well, amazing what painkilers can do. It's been a week and change since I stopped all together, and about 3 since I started tapering down. I do miss it, especially getting up in the AM (and Friday night movies fests) but I think the physical foo is over. I've been drinking lots of water, which is better for me both physically and on the budget. So that's the addendum, I'm actually trying to be healthier. Go Me!