Friday night Fhtagn

Well, it's Friday. I really haven't done much. Woke up after good, if odd dreams and felt really down. Reality not measuring up I guess. After a while, I just went back to bed for a nap. Was in a better frame of mine when I got back up. Decided to avoid leaving the house. Watched 'Alien' and 'Aliens', then switched to 'Jack Frost' aka a serial killer turned snowman...somehow I've missed this gem. Definitely needed the laughs.

I've also been doing the usual updates, and redoing some of them. Seems that there's been multiple kernel releases this week. So I'm reupdating the server updates I did last night. Also fixed one of the honeypot VMs I run, somewhere in there iptables decided to block port 80, and since it's supposed to capture web kind of wasn't doing it's job. Really should probably setup some kind of remote nagios or zabbix so I notice these things.

That's about it for today, going to stay up for a while longer. Looking forward to Saturday celebrating. Oh, figured out when I'm going to see Star Wars VII, Cthulhumas Eve. I really haven't felt much of the season this year, no Cthulhumas Ctharols, only a few presents for people (my favorite part of the holidays is spoiling my friends), and missing Mom. So yeah, I really don't feel either it, either the holidays or the insane version I come up with. I'd say 'screw it' and hermit the holidays, but that would hurt people I care about, and to be objective, it would just make things worse. So I'll play along, and maybe the power of friends will win over depression...No, it will win. Friends are powerful. So thank Cthulhu for friends, and hopefully 2016 won't be anything like 2015. Catch you all later,

Getting my ass to Mars

Well, as expected, I had weird dreams. The one that stood out was a repeat of Mom coming back from the dead, and me trying to figure out the paperwork to prove she was alive. Oh, and everyone hated me because obviously Mom never died, and I was a bad son. *sigh* My brain hates me some days.

Oh well, I'm up now and moving. Going to go be social in a little while, hopefully best friends will overwhelm the last bits of off feeling I have. Plus, going to see 'The Martian', yay science. Yay friends.

So yeah, that's about all I have for today. Here's to being social, friends, and hopefully an upswing in general fox feelings. Catch you all later.