Backup hell

So much computer frustration on top of Sunday anxiety foo. *twitches muchly* At least I think I have the backup issue resolved...the disk array I have, while it says it supports usb3, really doesn't. Which, was a problem I had in the past on a different system. That being said, I have a new 4tb backup drive to replace the 2 TB drive that had issues. Now to copy everything over. *twitch twitch*

I'm going down to Amythest's in a bit, once I'm sure things aren't going to blow up on me. *le sigh*

Saturday Stressful Geekery

I've had a stressful day of geeking. New Dagon has quirks, some of them corrected by rolling back to older kernel. I also have a failing backup drive, which caused more quirks. Replacement drive ordered, thank Cthulhu for Amazon Sunday delivery and money in the slush fund. I've argued with VMs, just about lost my mind trying to get my 'Post to Wordpress via Vim' setup recreated. Not quite the original plan for today. I was going to move a friend's website and email today, but I think that's going to get pushed back due to lack of patience.

So yeah, I'm not at my best right now. Frustrated with computers. Avoiding the outside world. Watching cheesy movies. Probably will hide in books later on tonight. Tomorrow is Amythest time, and laundry. Then back to Carcosa. Hopefully with less stress this next week. Ok, catch you all later.