And the posts keep on posting along

Well this week has been pretty bonkers. I've taken the last 3 days off from work due to exhaustion and queasiness. Antibiotics and me are not friends when it comes to stomach issues. This is definitely going to mess with my summer vacation plans *sad fox* Speaking of messing with vacation plans, I got a letter from the passport office, my birth certificate isn't good enough, it seems to be lacking in my parental information. So I just spent $70 to get an expedited copy from New York for this insanity. So add stressed to the list.

My pshrink visit was today, and I got it crossed with tomorrow. Luckily they were nice and fit me in. Things are going ok, with the assumptions that this last week was a bit of a fluke. The new med seems to be working ok, so lets hope it lasts.

Mood is a little better, going to make solid, non pasta food for dinner, which I hope will help things more. Watching 'Angels and Demons', because who doesn't need a symbolist saving the day. Hopefully tomorrow is good and decent things.

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