Surviving the dental emergency

Well, my dental emergency was 7 shades of hell. 2 root canals, and multiple root extractions. I was in the chair for almost 5 hours. The staff were all nice people, they were liberal with Novocain, and no judgment on how lousy my teeth are. Even with all that, it was pretty damn horrible. I even started wondering if I'd died, and this was some version of hell. It wasn't, but still. Oy. Also, majorly expensive since my dental insurance sucks. Definitely wasn't fun

Afterwards I got my post-op medications (pretty wimpy pain meds, but they're doing the job for the most part. I also went to the store for 'soft foods' which my pantry was in short supply of. One plus, I may be developing a taste for yogurt. I've been off work the last two days, I've slept most of the time. I really am depressed though, I'm tired of medical mayhem. I miss my parents right now. I'm sick of adulting, and I'm not all that good at it. *sigh*

So yeah, not doing so hot. It will pass as I heal up. 3 day weekend coming up. Hopefully by then I'll be more or less back to normal. I can dream at least. At least my dreams have been ok, weird, but ok. Talk to you later people.

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