When it rains it feckin’ pours

Wake up, my right lower jaw is swollen and I'm in pain. Dental abscess is my $.20 diagnosis. I hate going to dentists, they scare me (bad experience as a young spawn). But, I have to do something. Luckily there's an emergency dentist that's open Sundays. Will give them a call when they open and see if they can fit me in. I'm mildly freaked out here...but the adult logical part of my brain says I'll probably just get xrays, antibiotics to kill the infection, and pain meds so I don't kill my liver with Tylenol. Then later the really scary stuff. This really has been the month of medical insanity. Brain scan, allergy testing, insurance denial, and now dentists. I probably should try to get in to see the eye doctor next week to complete the set, and see how borked my finances are at that point. *sigh* Any spare good/calm/painless thoughts or prayers would be accepted. I'm already on my anxiety meds , but this is a tad more than your basic stressors. *sigh*

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