Sunday of the not much

Last night's router foo went smooth, rebooted around 1am, and took about 2 minutes to come back up. I stayed up later, vaguely worried that it would bounce again. It happens, especially when the other side figures out they missed something. But it didn't. So I stayed up for the time change (grumbles about Daylight Savings), and finished my marathon on Dan Brown movies. Slept less than well, bad/weird dreams. Woke up, didn't want to. Futzed around for a bit, then went back to bed. Didn't really sleep, which is probably good for tonight's sleep.

Made myself get moving and go to the store, Walmart on a Sunday is not conducive to one's faith in humanity. Got what I needed, stopped by Wendy's for a late lunch and came home. Sorted though the massive amounts of paperwork in my filing cabinet. Well, kind of sorted. I boxed all of Mom's stuff in a plastic tote, didn't sort, just piled. Then sorted what was left (mine) I think I'm going go hide with a book til bedtime. Monday morning will show up soon enough. Catch you all later.

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