Saturday of friends, books and lamb

Well I managed to sleep in today. Not as much as I'd wanted, but better than being up at work time. Didn't run any errands before the coffee gather, I just bummed around the house til it was time to leave. Ran over to the coffee place and met up with the Ufies. Hung out, discussed geek jobs, Minecraft and why you would twerk trees (don't ask). Was fun to see friends. We hung out for about 2 hours, then parted ways to go do adulting.

Well, not much adulting for me, I went to a Half Price Books I hadn't been to in a long time, didn't find anything too fun. Then I went downtown to King Tut's for some tasty Egyptian lamb, and then back home. Threw the laundry in the wash, and fired up 'The DaVinci Code', as for some reason I was in the mood for Tom Hanks to describe symbols. Also, since I'm going to be up all hours I can watch it, and the two sequels will keep me entertained til the wee hours. Hoping the router update is quick and painless.

Not much else. Just going to be quiet here at Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth, watch my movies and go to bed once work is complete. *waves a tentacle* Catch you all later.

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