Sick again.

Well, I'm sick again. Real sick, as in I've been out sick 3 days this week, with a doctor visit this morning after spending half the night spasm coughing. Doctor punted, it's either flu or pneumonia. They could do tests and specify, but I'm still paying on my deductible and honestly, I wanted out of there at speed, so he gave me the option to get both tamiflu and antibiotics, along with the codeine cough syrup. Got the scripts filled, messaged the boss and coworkers and came home. I'm running on nearly no sleep for the last few days, but my attempt at a nap became an anxiety spike of too many thoughts.

Having pneumonia right now is very weird, since 2 years ago almost to the day that Mom was being moved around post the bout of pneumonia she had before she died. The fact that I'm sick again, or still, or gods know what this year isn't helping. I'm more than a little depressed over the whole thing right now.

So I've spent the day watching Clive Barker movies for "reasons" First 3 'Hellraiser' flicks to start, I was thinking of doing all nine of them. (Yes, there are nine...that fact seems to boggle a lot of friends of mine). Then I switched tracks to 'Lord of Illusions' which grows on me with each viewing. Now watching a more recent Barker flick, 'Book of Blood'. Which is a weird little ghost/haunting story. Not sure what's next. Ok, after some false starts I decided to stick with the Barker movies, and now watching 'The Midnight Meat Train'.

So that's about it, I'm going to be staying in all weekend. Not what I wanted to do, but oh well. Hopefully I can swing up to being healthy again to go back to work on Monday. I'm kind of blah, lonely sick person. But it will get better. It always does. One of these lifetimes.

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