Oh man

This has been a week of stuff going every which way. Work was mostly good but crazy in spots. Very good friend ended up in the hospital for a week. Communication issues. And when I got home tonight, I rebooted Nyogtha the media box and it never came back up. Luckily I keep good backups, and I'd been planning to reinstall to Lubuntu 16.04 from LinuxMint13. Install went ok, installed some of my usual foo, re setup the drives, and I'm copying over data from the backup, and watching stuff on VLC. New install seems to be smooth, it's just going to take forever to copy the content over. I really need to add that eSATA card for the disk array, since USB2 is slow as snot. Oh well, yay for well planned backups, and running the backup script before I rebooted.

Mentally I came up with some foo I should tattoo on my forehead to remember when the brainweasels start bringing up stuff from my past. Not going into details here, but since about half my anxiety/sads come from things in my past, it's good to suddenly realize things like perspective. (yeah, I'm slow sometimes).

Now it's Friday night, I'm winding down from everything. Socializing most of the weekend, along with pet care for friends out of town. I don't think I'll be doing too much more geekery tonight, unexpected system upgrades are kind of energy consuming. But boy it could be more tiring. For now though, I'll call this a post and head back to obsessively watching files copy for a while. Ciao.

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