Shoggoths and Saturday

Well Saturday plans changed. Socializing for today was rescheduled, which ended up being a good thing as I had a low tentacle count this morning. Nothing bad, just am kind of glad to be home. I still need to leave the house to go grocery shopping and do pet care, but that will be towards the evening, with a side of take out on the way home.

Nyogtha is chugging along with backup restores. Like I said yesterday, need to put the array on eSATA in the near future. I also moved Shoggoth back to my desk, hooked it up to the spare monitor/keyboard/mouse, and added an X desktop so it can act as a tertiary system, as well as a display for monitoring foo. I also finished the reboots, nothing else broke, yay. The rsync process is kind of eating CPU, so I'm trying to avoid doing my usual updates on Dagon. Mostly I'm just editing things and watching movies and trying to think of stuff I need to add to Nyogtha that I had installed before.

Otherwise I've futzed around the house, done chores, etc. Currently watching the first 'Final Destination' flick. Not my favorite, but still worth watching. Not much else of note today. Guess I'll call this a post. Laters gators.

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