Anxiety coping: with a little help from my friends’

The definition of best friend. When you wake up in a weird state of anxiety, and you really do want to hang out and go see a horror movie with said friend, but also really don't want to leave the house at the same time. So once you get the tentacles enough to call, she understands you're wound up, and yes...we can meet up at movie tive, while I get time to wind down before going out. Friends get your weirdness, and work with you on it. I'm also kind of happy that I didn't make it a binary issue, yes go out, or no hide at home.

As said above, having a high anxiety day. Something twitched off last night in my sleep. Which is weird, because Friday night I had dreams about summoning demons (the classical Goetic way of doing things, not Lovecraftian stuff) in the Amityville Horror House. Now that was amusing. Yesterday was a good day, hung out with Amythest, watched assorted bad horror flicks, while I reinstalled Uxía. A good geek day.

I'm calming down as I write this, yay for the magic of medication. The post office also left my copy of 'The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu' by the door, so that's good. Watching 'Amityville 3D', tried to watch it at Amythest's yesterday, and her Roku locked up and rebooted, so we took that as a sign. Assuming my anxiety levels are down to normal after the movie, I'll make a quick trip to get meds and gas and packages, then head down to meet up for the movie. Then it's back to work tomorrow.

So that's me on Sunday. Wish me luck on the rest of today, and for the next week. *crosses tentacles*

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