Your basic weekly update

And it's Friday. Thank Cthulhu. Not a bad week, but tiring. Allergy testing was...prickly. Work is work, I'm behind because I've been very distracted, I may log in this weekend and work a few hours on one of my projects to make up for things. Not that would be such a trial, I'd just crank up some Cthulhu music and try to get creative.

Weekend plans otherwise, going to see 'Alien: Covenant' tomorrow. I've heard some unhappy fans already, but I think I'll be fine with it. I'm that rare breed who liked 'Prometheus' and found it worth repeat viewings. Will be seeing it with friends, yay friends and Xenomorphs. Otherwise I have chores to do, books to read, geeking to geek and bad movies to watch.

Not much else to talk about. Decided to stay up late tonight and watch movies, yay for cheese. Oh yeah, and mac and cheese for a late night snack. My sleep is kind of loopy lately. Oh well, I should sleep ok tonight. If nothing else, I can sleep in tomorrow if I feel like it. Night all.

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