Breaking News: Vulpine is allergic

Early post with breaking news. This week was allergy testing for Vulpine, 3 days of getting poked with a needle repeatedly to see what made me react. First day was 'inhalants' aka pollen, dander, etc. I responded to EVERYTHING but cypress trees and sweetgum. I had to ask what a sweetgum tree looked like. This includes cats and dogs, which made me sad. The fix...since I've been miserable for months on end, I'm taking it up a level and going with allergy shots. 2 shots, twice a week for a long while. Not fun, but probably less not fun than allergies year round.

Tuesday and today were tests for food allergies. Long story short, I could have guessed my one food allergy. Onions. For those new to this blog, onions have been my green kryptonite...if Superman found green rocks tasty. So I've avoided them, watched what I ate, read labels, asked friends to do weird things like make guacamole without onions. Never had an official diagnosis, and assumed 'intolerance' rather than 'allergy' because my reactions were always stomach related. Nope, it's a histamine reaction. Whoops. So all the time I felt like 'maybe I'm just being silly'. Nope, really allergic. Kind of took the wind out of my doctor's sails, since I knew all where onions show up in food these days. So yeah, no random food allergies from the stuff I was tested with. Good to know.

So yeah, I'm allergic to Texas and onions. Nothing really new there, but I have a plan for the former, and experience fighting the later. Home now, looking up stuff in Providence for the Necronomicon this August. Yay food and books and cultists. More ramblings this weekend, when Vulpine encounters...Alien.

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