Cephalopods in the Datacenter.

Came up with a brilliant bit of future genetic engineering today at work.

Create cephalopods that can function outside of water (ok, yes...this is probably a species limiting move, but work with me here).

Multiple arms, highly intelligent, able to communicate. Cephalopods would make perfect IT staff. But you wouldn't want one particular type to be all IT staff.

For example, octopuses. Highly intelligent, clever, but destructive and erratic as hell. One day they might solve world hunger, and the next 3 they'd be unable to stop watching cat videos. You wouldn't want them supporting your datacenter, but they'd make great developers. Make sure to have plenty of snacks and toys though, and keep the tasks changing.

Now if you wanted a perfect NOC tech, you'd use a cuttlefish. Not quite as smart as an octopus, and definitely not as able to come up with breakthroughs, but cuttlefish are not primadonnas. They are reliable, talented at communication, and less likely to eat their cube neighbors out of frustration. A team of quality cuttlefish would be perfect NOC techs.

Last, we have the squid. Probably as intelligent as the above two, if less studied. Tend to function more at night, can be highly aggressive if provoked, but generally are peaceful and curious. Can work in groups, but tends to function best solo. Obviously squid are system/network administrators. Also keep them in snacks, otherwise they may hunt down junior sysadmins or noctechs for sustenance.

*waves a tentacle*

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