Home, with a body

I was going to go be social with Amythest today. Woke up this morning and had exactly 0 tentacles for leaving the house. I'm trying to see if I can find some, but I really think I'll just be staying here at home.

Weird dreams again, including my agnate sibling. Something about moving, so double odd. I also dreamed more stuff that's from a city in my dreams, same place that the ur-Bookstore is in, but this is a major subway/train station, with a hub that has a lot of small shops in it. So I guess I'll be dreaming about the theater district next. Yeah, I dream about this place a lot. I wonder if I'll end up going somewhere and go 'Oh holy crap, this is that dream!'. Which, if it has the ur-Bookstore, may mean I'll finally move. My luck, it's Unknown Kadath, and Nyarlathotep will be there to mock me.

Finished one book and one serial story last night. So much Mythos. And I have much more to read. Some group funded books came in, including a collection of stories based on the writing of Ramsey Campbell, one of my favorite authors. So that should be a lot of fun. As I said yesterday, I need to do some reviews. Maybe I can knock out a few today.

Not much else, work this week should be busy. I know I'm spending a few hours tomorrow dealing with telco stuff. I'm thinking I may work from home one day so I can sit down and focus on one project from the comfort of Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth. We'll see, I'd like to do it Friday, so I can work til late if I get into a groove, but we already have one admin on PTO that day. We'll see what the boss thinks. Ok, that's enough ramble for today. Catch everyone later. Oh yeah, enjoy your Superb Owls.

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