From 0 to 120 in 6 nanoseconds

Well I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue. *wink* Actually was having a quiet lie in after staying up late reading about the Second Punic War, then the NecronomiPod started chirping. Friend of mine with a job lead we've been waiting on his boss to push the button. I assumed I wouldn't hear anything til after the 1st...nope, can I contact their staffing company. Cue my anxiety ramping up to 11. Get up, run though the shower, get dressed, keep breathing, and call. It went ok, I was able to mostly rein in my nervous habit of rambling. Talked to the company's account manager, then one of their recruiters. Forwared them my resume, a blurb about why I'm a good fit. Besides the job with my friend, he has two other good positions that I'd probably fit well in. I also did an online test to show my mad Redhat skills...which wasn't too hard, but was very...odd. Lots of things I had to stop and ponder. I have a meeting with the staffing agency on Monday. I'm a lovely mix of excited and anxious. I bet I'll be nuts on Sunday night.

So, it begins for real now. Probably will get Amythest to give me a hair trim this weekend, and I need to double check that my interview clothes still fit. Hopefully things will go smoothly and all will be glorious. I'd like to start the new year with a new leaf, a new job, and a new beginning. *crosses tentacles*

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