2015 in review

Well it's almost the secular/Western New Year. 2015 will go down as a year of change. I lost Mom, after many years of mental decline...that was hard, but it wasn't unexpected. I also lost Cassilda, but that was also not a big surprise. I kind of keep wondering if things will suddenly hit that Mom is gone. Given my depression issues, I'd have expected a bigger meltdown, like I had when Dad passed. But I'm 20+ years older, wiser, and medicated. We'll see what happens when the anniversary comes around.

I finally went back to New York, that was good. Got to show my two favorite people the first 3rd of my life in a nutshell. I also got to do touristy things that a native New Yorker wouldn't have been caught dead doing, and I had a lot of fun. Saw a bar decorated in early Steampunk/Lovecraft, and had unexpected Burlesque show. (I highly recommend unexpected Burlesque, especially if you're in NYC, the ladies were awesome). Got to revisit my childhood homes, museums, the Bronx Zoo, and the house I lived in before I moved to Texas. Oh yeah, and I got to see the Atlantic in all her glory. Thalatta! Thalatta! (if you don't get it, don't worry...it's all Greek to me). As a wannabe Deep One, I have to visit the mother ocean more than once every 20+ years, or at least get down to the Gulf of Mexico more often. And I definitely have to revisit NYC fairly soon as well.

I left the Shoggoth Pit after 12 years, they finally drove me past the brink. The job had been going downhill for years, and I finally decided that the evil I knew was worse than whatever evil I'd run into. Spent a few months recovering, hopefully I can replace the Shoggoth Pit with a better quality of Shoggoths.

Health has been fairly average, no Stans or such. Mental health in some ways got better...hell when your pshrink thinks that quitting your job was a good idea that may be a sign. Not to mention pretty much every friend doing a happy dance of some kind. I lost some weight, I regained it.

Read a lot of books, watched a lot of movies, installed a lot of Linux foo. Best movie, probably 'The Martian'. Favorite movie was 'Harbinger Down' at least by the number of times I'm watched it. No idea about best/ favorite books, it was a good year for Roman history and Cthulhu fiction (and occasional mixes of both).

Been a little more hermitish than I'd like, one of the things I want to fix in 2016. My friends have been awesome, I just find it easier to stay here in Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth with my computers and books and tentacles. Going to NYC was a very big deal, need to not forget that I can leave home whenever I want, and that the outside world isn't all that horrible all the time.

So that's my 2015 'short' update. Yeah, I didn't expect this to ramble on so much. Then again, it was a crazy year. On that note, I'll call this a post. *waves a tentacle*

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