Boxing Day Geekery

Well Boxing Day computer fest has been going fairly well. I reinstalled Hydra with Ubuntu-Mate 15.10, resetup things, updated everything, and manually ran backups to test. The difference between Linux Mint using Mate, and Ubuntu using Mate is minimal. I'm probably going to run into things I have to tweak to make things work, but that's part of the game. Yay for having my primary backup drive back.

I've also been updating the VM pile. Not many Ubuntu updates, though Fedora and SuSE have been pretty busy. I also pushed out some dotfile changes...though I really should write a script to check for changes on start up, and grab them if necessary. I'll add that to my list of things I should do in the future. Oh, speaking of updates and Linux Mint, they released the betas for the XFCE and KDE flavors using 17.3. So I'll add doing that to the plans for geek Boxing Day.

I had a few other ideas for stuff to do tonight, messing with Cacti or Nagios or Mediawiki. All of them are installed, they just need content or notifications or such. Wordpress installs are all up to date, and src builds were done earlier this week. So, don't really know what else I need/want to do. Oh, besides convincing Hydra to stop trying to do ipv6 lookups when nothing on network supports it. (Yes, I'm still using ipv4 at home...I'm old fashioned)

So that's all the geeking I did today, much geekery, so much nerd, so wow. Expect a post a little later about the rest of today, non-computer related. (been a busy day here Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth). *waves a tentacle*

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