Survived Cthulhumas

Well I survived Cthulhumas. Actually finally queued up the Cthulhumas Ctharols on the drive down to Amythest's. Sung along, helped keep me on an even keel. Got everyone together and headed to Saltgrass Steakhouse for lunch. I had chicken, it was pretty decent but not spectacular, but it was open...and that was the important part. Had a good socialness. Headed back to Amythest's for present unwrapping, which since we had 12 people there, it took a while. I bailed post presents, I rapidly (wrapped-ly ?) ran out of tentacles. Still much prefer Amythest's clan to my blood relatives. Came home, changed into pjs, ate dinner, and am now fiddling around with geek stuff.

So ends Cthulhumas. It's been kind of hard, first one without Mom. So I'm kind of glad it's over. I am glad I did hang out with people last night and today though. I could have hermited, Amythest and Nymaz would have understood. But...I don't think it would have been the best plan. I'll get to hermit tomorrow, hermit and geek. So it works out. So I'll catch you all tomorrow during geeking. Have a good night boys and girls.

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