Holiday blahs beginning

Been a fair unstable emotional day. Woke up anxious again, fidgeted around the apartment til I decided to head out. Got some nifty chocolate for Amythest, pre-treat for what's probably going to be a rough week for her at work. Headed on down and met up with Nymaz and Amythest. We got out the holiday stuff, she cranked up the music and we got started.

The holidays are always emotional for me...and this is the first one sans Mom. So when I ran into an ornament that reminded me of one we had as a kid, my brain kicked over into sad mode. I miss Mom, and Dad. Glad I was with my musketeers, as they understand things. It got better, but I still was feeling pretty fragile. We got the tree done, and then did the outside lights. Once we got things done I ended up canceling on going to the movies with them, I'm lacking in tentacles, and I honestly didn't want to watch a movie with feelings. They understood, and I headed home. Stopping to get Chinese food.

Now I'm thinking it's bad movies and maybe some geekery tonight. Or early to bed with a book. We'll see. Current mood is quiet, kind of fragile feeling. Oh well, I will get better. I always do. Catch you all later.

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