Saturday of semi-social

Had a good day. Woke up this morning out of odd dreams, and actually felt like leaving the house for once. Did some geek work this morning, figured out the Dagon reboot issue from a couple of weeks ago (boot cycle seems to want to try the USB drive array first, but didn't bother giving an error about it. Turn off the array after shut down, turn Dagon back on, all is well.) Talked to , headed on up by way of Fry's Electronics...I'm looking at replacement mice, and was hoping they'd have a selection of new Logitechs to test, but nothing really good. Oh well, it's not a need, just a thought. Then I headed on to hang out with and . Oh, new cool thing, their dog, Freddie barely barked when he figured out I was there, and then he came right up for his pettings and started making this odd little whine. I thought he was upset about something, but no...that's the noise he makes when his humans show up. So I'm offically adopted. *warm fuzzies* He's a Good Dog (tm).

I'd picked up a couple of Redbox flicks, 'Trace' a soso horror flick about why EVPs can go horribly wrong. Then 'The Lazarus Effect' which I'd seen before, but they haven't. Still a good watch. Also watched a few 'A Haunting' episodes which were mostly background noise to us shooting the breeze, with occasional commentary. I got home about 10, and I was in a random mood for the Blind Spanish Zombie Knights Templar, so I started up 'Tombs of the Blind Dead'. Crazy 70's eurohorror at it's 'best'.

Besides that, I'm just kind of vegging. Will probably go dive into a book after this movie is over, or I might watch the 2nd flick in the series. We'll see. I have lots to read, and I am kind of tired. Tomorrow is Amythest time and laundry, with a side of trip planning. Yay for quiet Sundays with best friends. Catch you all later.

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