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Not doing so well. Sunday would have been a good, quiet I had a major anxiety spike while plotting NYC trip stuff with Amythest. Whelmed fox is whelmed. I calmed down, and we had a decent afternoon of watching 'Arrow' episodes. I have a laundry list of stuff to plan out for the trip. Came home after tv and laundry, read for a while and crashed.

I slept ok, no horrible dreams. Woke up...and just faded. I haven't gotten anything really done, a few chores here and there. I've tried to get more important stuff done, and I've utterly failed every time. Couldn't even get walking done to any degree. I've pretty much being running in neutral all day. *sigh* Hopefully I can find the clutch and get things into gear tomorrow.

In other stuff, Uxía the laptop is giving me issues, yet more wireless issues, this time at Amythest's place instead of home. I'm thinking of leaving Uxía at home for the trip. Depends on how much I think I'll need to write up stuff while I'm gone. I'll have NecronomiPod and Cthäat Aquadingen (phone and tablet) with me, but typing on Android isn't something I want to do brain dumps on. *sigh* I don't know...there's going to be a lot to talk about trip wise, and probably there will be some epic brain dumps after taking the parents to the beach. We'll see what I decide come next week.

Tomorrow I have dinner with some friends. Will try to get the calls made and stuff organized tomorrow before dinner. We'll see. On that note, I'll catch you all later.

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