Coming up on launch day

Been another mixed day. Did a store run for the last few things I need for the trip...then promptly think of another couple of items I'd need. Packed and repacked and google about packing...hello mr travel anxiety, I didn't miss you. I think I've got everything settled, and tomorrow will be mostly being quiet and I won't be able to hermit for the next week. Had dinner with Amythest and Nymaz to go over the plans, and have real Mexican food before going to the land of bad Mexican food. Was good to see friends, even if I seemed to be off kilter. Came home after dinner, got a text from my uterine sibling...she's not going to make it to Jones Beach next Friday for the scattering of the ashes. Which has me relieved, I wasn't wanting to deal with the bloodrelative drama. None of us really get along, even the agnate sibling being much more pleasant with me this last year and change. But they don't get along, and I was expecting to have to play Switzerland between them. So instead I'll be saying goodbye to the parents, and saying hello again to my ocean, my long missed Atlantis Thalassa. *sudden flashback to Xenophon's history of the 10,000'* (Please give yourself 5 points of Greek history if you get the reference).

So yeah, I'm home. I'm mostly physically ready for the trip. Mentally, soso, and I have no real idea on the emotional side right now. Going to bed in a little while to read. Tomorrow as I said will be mostly hermitage, doing some chores, watching movies, the final store run, and going to bed early. Hoping that by Saturday at 0 dark 30 I'll be ready to go. Cthulhu give me strength (and ebooks). Ok, catch you all tomorrow.

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