The Devil Made Me Film It

Well, after a crazy week of working at Carcosa, I've gladly lazed most of last night and today. The Thursday night maintenance went much better than Tuesday. Less servers, more help, more planning. Still didn't get enough sleep, so come Friday night after work I pretty much ate dinner, and went to bed with a book. Was asleep before 10am, and I pretty much slept til 10am. Had some unpleasant dreams about a former friend, and some weird ones about blood relatives and submarine bases (reading wiki articles on subs probably contributed to the later. Also, somewhere there was sabre fencing. *shakes head* My subconsciousness needs a deep cleaning.

Got up today, got moving. Cleaned out the car finally, went and did critter care, got meds, got packages, and ended up coming home due to a lack of tentacles. Been watching a collection of 'Devil Worship Horror Movies' mostly from the 70's. Epicly cheesy and fun, definitely got my money's worth. Done some chores, done some VM updates, mostly just have been vegging.

My Nexus 5 decided to flake out, so I migrated back to my old 4, and put in a RMA request from the company I bought the 5 from. Very annoying. Glad I hung on the 4 for experimental purposes. Did manage to pull a backup, and reset it to factory default before sending it off. Still a pain in the tentacle.

Ok, going to call this a post, and keep on watching the wild fun of bad movies. Catch you all later.

Apocalypse fun and games

So today was meeting up with the Musketeers and going to see XMen: Apocalypse. But first, as is traditional for Memorial Day Weekend, I raided a couple of Half Price Books for 20% off savings. Got a couple of 'loaner' copy books to hook friends on favorite authors, a horror collection of randomness (with a T.E.D. Klein story I've never read), another book on HPL I didn't have, and a DVD copy of 'Ravenous'. Yay for snazzy and cheap stuff.

Went to see XMen. It's pretty good, though kind of over long and slow in spots. My favorite XMan is there, Nightcrawler. They need to give him a saber and some swashes to buckle though. Psylocke was epicly yummy, and the big battles were fun to watch. Not the best Marvel flick ever, but worth watching on the big screen.

Ran some errands after the movie, hung out for a bit and was amused at cats stalking the wild ice cream back at Chez Amythest's. Came home, cranked up the AC, and started watching Deadpool, because who doesn't like Deadpool ? Going to stay up for a while, probably watch some more superhero flicks. They are one of my favorite non-horror genres. Tomorrow is knocking my TODO list down to size. So much laundry... But hermit time will be good. Still trying to think of a good marathon of movies to watch while doing chores. We'll see. Catch you all later.

Thank Cthulhu It’s Friday

Thank Cthulhu it's Friday. The annual Deathcold/Allergy fest kicked in last weekend, but I managed to avoid calling in. The allergies have mostly passed, but I'm now in the middle of the coughing fest that comes along. Not fun. But I've felt much worse in years past.

Carcosa is pretty decent. Was given root access to all the linux instances yesterday, which makes my life easier. Mostly have been dealing with Windows foo still. Somewhere the linux gods are laughing. Did try to get some Nagios foo done today and made a series of oopses that were bloody annoying. I am rather out of practice with Nagios, something I should correct in short order. Also had multiple meetings that were...multiple. Oh well, that's the life of Corporate Cultists.

Came home after work, was originally going to get take out. But after today I really just wanted to come home, and I had plenty of food here. So home I came, got into comfy clothes and cooked up a pot of mac and cheese. Queued up the 'Re-animator' trilogy and I'm vegging here at Château Innsmouth. I was going to do a set of assorted chores, including catching up on the laundry...but I think I'll just be here at the Desk of Doom (tm), and watching movies. Oh yeah, and catching up with the internets that I've missed while working.

I'm doing ok, a little blue, seems I'm losing touch with an old friend, and it makes me sad. Oh well. At least I get to see my besties tomorrow, and watch 'Sharkando 3' and 'Deadpool'. And I have a metric shoggoth load of books, and cheesy horror movies...and oh crap, I never turned on the external disk array on Dagon. Bugger. *scrambles to fix and start the rsync process*. I really, REALLY need to make these things fail with a notification *facetentacle* Oh well, better to catch it now, before horrible things happened. Guess I'll call this a post, and get back to watching backups run, and Dr West reanimate things randomly. Ciao.

Saturday Stuff

Well Saturday has been a tad more mixed emotionally. Slept soso, woke up early, before 10. (Early for a Saturday at least). Got up, decided I would be semi-social and go see Star Wars VII with some friends again. Since I had time to kill, I decided to watch episode VI. Figured out the big celebration scene at the end = emotional rollercoaster for me lately, seems every time I've seen it lately, I've teared up or cried. Not sad, but emotional. Had a nice cry, then got a couple of errands done, and headed to the theater.

I enjoyed VII as much as the first time, it's not a perfect movie, but none of the Star Wars movies are perfect. I saw a lot more easter eggs, and I appreciated the characters, both old and new more. Favorite is still Poe Dameron (or as I say in my head Edgar Allan Poe-Dameron), but I've always wanted to fly a X-Wing. Plus he's what the prequel trilogy needed, someone with a bit of swagger in them. After the movie I had to take off, needed to drop some stuff off with Amythest. When I left the theater my anxiety spiked up, and my moodyness reared it's head. No reason, unlike the stressors at work. But, I took my happy pill, and skipped out on the errands I had originally planned for post movie. Now I'm home. Going to take it easy for tonight, finish up the VM updates, probably going to stick to watching movies tonight. There's a new horror flick on demand, 'Jeruzalem' which is the first Israeli horror movie I think I've heard of (though there has to be more). Probably will go to head with book fairly early, like last night. Catch you all later.

In the Heart of the Sea

Decided to treat myself to lunch and a movie today, went to see 'In the Heart of the Sea'. It was a movie I'd been looking forward to, but I didn't think it was something any of my friends would have enjoyed as much.

It was enjoyable, did a decent job covering the wild fun (sarcasm) of life on a Yankee whaling ship. It also pulled no punches about how gory things got. It added some drama bits, including the subplot of the captain and first mate being at odds (in actuality they'd served together on the Essex before hand). However, the bit about non-Nantucketers being treated as second class sailors was true. New Englanders were/are a clannish lot, and Nantucket took that to an extreme. There's some other liberties with the later parts of the movie, but that's not unexpected. The movie itself hangs together well, I knew the story (and read the book the movie is based on long ago), but nothing stood out as overly implausable. 4 out of 5 hoisted sails.

(and if you're curious, the ship in the movie was a brig, two masts and ship rigged. The ship in real life was a 3 masted ship, at least that's what all the pictures I've found say.)

Soup, Star Wars and Squid

Was a mostly good day, though it started off kind of rough. I had good dreams, mostly about New York, and how I was planning to drive back to Texas. But I wanted to take the Staten Island ferry, and they do take cars, so I had to rearrange plans. Then I woke up. Thing is, I really do want to take the ferry next time I'm in NYC. It's free, and I've never done it. The tour guide on the cruise recommended it as one of those things people don't think to do, plus I've only been to Staten Island a handful of times in my life.

So I woke up, and felt off. Was going to meet up with Amythest and Nymaz for soup day prep in a while. So I fiddled around online, and kept reading things that hit me in the feels. No idea why, just overly emotional. Decided to just go on down, listened to a Roman mystery audiobook on the drive and hung out at Chez Amythest's while the other two finished up soup prep shopping. Hung out, read more of 'Gods of HP Lovecraft' which is pretty good, some of the authors are people I talk to online, so I'm a little biased. Helped unload, helped set up the loaner mega-tv for the watching of Star Wars. We had about 90 min to kill or so, and I wanted to test the tv...and I had 'Dagon' on my flash drive, so we watched it. My friends tolerate my weirdness, I now have a degree of TV envy. Plus, Uxía the squidgirl is epically hot on megatv. *grin* Soup was prepped, and as I hadn't eaten since breakfast I dove in a little early, and had a lovely bowl of potato soup.

Some more friends showed up, and some spawning day gifts for the Dec people were given, along with some cookies to H, who has helped me tons with resume foo. Then it was soup and Star Wars. Which looked amazing on the megatv. Since we all could basically quote the movies by heart, we spent as much time in discussion about the movies and back story and expanded universe as watching it. I love good geek talk. We got through Episode IV and most of V, but we all were running low on steam. I left about 10:30, with lots of leftover soup for nomming. Drove home, listened to more SPQR. Unloaded the car, watched the last part of Empire Strikes Back, and started writing this. I'm tired, but I'm not sure I'm ready for bed, or even bed and book. I guess I'll just fiddle around til I either decide on something to do, or go finish my book. For now, I'm just glad I had a good afternoon/evening with nifty people, too much soup, and Star Wars. Night all.

Historical and Tentacular

Was a very good day. Even if it started off with a profound sense of exhaustion this morning. I think I woke up a half dozen times in the night, I know my Fitbit step count looked like I'd gone to the mailbox twice in the night (which was welcome, as I was behind). Got clean and motivated, Amythest swung by and we headed to the Dallas Museum of Art for some Roman history.

Mary Beard is one of those historians, who not only gets all her historical ducks in a row, but can make a dry subject very lively. I've seen her on TV a few times, and read some of her work. She also gives a good lecture. Basic stuff, mostly about how her new book is about how defining 'Roman' changed repeatedly over the course of the empire. Fun bit, she had a Roman woman's epitath on the display, from near Hadrian's Wall. The woman's name, her status as a freed slave, that she was from a tribe further south in England, and that her hubby was from Palmyria in the Middle East. Those Romans got around. But before she started explaining it, I was picking out the Latin. The name, that she was an ex slave, her age at death, that Palmyria was involved. My Latin, while still nothing resembling more than a passing nod, is better than it was 10 years ago. Go me. The rest was basically how we can't just say 'Ok, that's Roman history, finis'. What we know, what we understand, how we interpert it, changes as time passes, and as we change. Which I'm in whole hearted agreement. In the Q/A she answered a few high brow questions, as well as stateing that besides Mary Renault, her favorite historical fiction writer is Lindsay Davis, of the Falco Roman mysteries. (I recommend them too.) Then we broke for the book signing, which me and Amythest passed on, due to the huge crowd. We instead went to our favorite bits of the DMA, then headed to the car and back out of Dallas. (Btw, if you're interested, Professor Beard's new book can be found on Amazon/B and N/other bookstores. S.P.Q.R. I'm pretty sure if you like history, you'll enjoy.

We got in contact with Nymaz, and met up to see 'Spectre' in the theaters. I'd heard some less than stellar reviews of the latest Bond flick, and I kind to have to agree that it wasn't great. Solid enough, but nothing spectacular. Unless you're talking about the title sequence. Which was full of tentacles and girls and more tenacles, and tentacles with guns... I was a very happy cultist. I also blame Charles Stross for no longer being able to watch a Bond flick without thinking 'But what would Bob Howard do ?' Seriously, Bond would be so much more effective with a Warrant Card, a Tilligast resonator and a iPhone with the OFCUT suite. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well Google 'Charles Stross laundry', buy some of his books too.) 3/5 dry martinis for a decent Bond flick, 5/5 perky tentacles for the title sequence.

(wow, call me the book pimp today)

The three musketeers talked about the NYC trip next week, I dropped Amythest off at her car, and I came home and wrote this. I'm zonked, and probably will make a very early night of it. Not too early, as I'll just be skewed off kilter tomorrow as well, but no 2am movie marathons tonight. Will probably catch up on TwitterBook then go to bed with a book. Not sure which one, the Mythos story I was reading today, Templar fanfic-history, my copy of the above mentioned SPQR (got the ebook). or something else. Oh lord, I probably should write a book randomizer for the Kindle app for nights I have no decision making skills. For now though, it's the interwebs and creepy Lovecraft music til bed. And this got long fast, so night night all.

Crimson Peak review

Crimson Peak is del Toro's love letter to Gothic literature and movies. Vincent Price and Peter Cushing would have approved. If you're on the fence because it's a 'horror movie', hop down. It's not a horror movie, it's a love story that happens to have ghosts. A rather screwed up love story in spots, but a love story none the less. 4.5 out of 5 bleak moors.

8 Films to Die For: 2015 edition

Well I finished the 8 Films to Die For. It was a lot of fun this year, All 8 films kept my interest, and there wasn't one I would have said 'Nah, I could have lived without seeing that'. So lets tackle each movie with a short blurb.

  • Lumberjack Man. Flick flick, a send up of the slasher genre. Rather funny, with a nice amount of gore. You'll never look at pancakes quite the same afterwards. 3.5 out 5 machetes.
  • Re-Kill. Imagine the 'COPS' show after a zombie apocalypse. Between the decent zombie hunting scenes there are amusing TV commercials about life post apocalypse. Sounds goofy, but it worked well. 4 out of 5 brains.
  • The Wicked Within. Demonic possession and dysfunctional family. A little forced in spots, but it was enjoyable enough. 3 out of 5 spewed pea soup.
  • Unnatural. What's worse than a killer polar bear? A genetically modified killer polar bear, who's hungry. Wins for the most epic final kill of the night, and was good all around. 4 out 5 scientists playing god.
  • Suspension. Tortured teen has issues. Wasn't the best movie, paced kind of slow, and too much teen drama. But it gets points for a fairly unique plot, and some inventive gore. 3 out of 5 slaughtered prom queens.
  • Bastard. Weird flick, serial killers on a road trip pick up a pack of people with major issues, and are then killed off by another maniac in a mask. High on the suffering and enough foul language that I even went 'Err, ok?' Probably my least favorite of the night, but even so it had me guessing. 3 out 5 crazed maniacs
  • Wind Walkers. I think the mostly first Native American zombie flick I've ever seen. Slow to get started, but it once it got into gear the gore and inventiveness. 3.5 severed pig heads.
  • Murder in the Dark. Last one I watched, and it became my favorite. A multi-cultural party of medical types in Turkey visit a castle, and become the target of organ legging. Who's the person legging it? Well I guessed wrong, repeatedly. (Oh and extra points for the director and actors revealing that the film was mostly improv) 4.5 harvested kidneys.

    So yeah, we had 2 zombies, 4 slashers, 1 supernatural and 1 monster. I'd have liked some more supernatural and less slashers, but that's just my tastes. All the movies had high production qualities, and as I said, nothing was bad, even my least favorite, 'Bastard' was more a question of tastes verses quality. So yeah, if you're looking for horror this Halloween season, check out the 8 Films to Die For. You'll have a good time.

  • Spawning Day Weekend: Day 1

    Because I can, I decided that I'll be celebrating my Spawning Day all weekend. Woke up, got moving, started watching the 'After Dark Films: 8 Films to Die For' set. I've been a fan since the first set was released oh so many years ago (Gravedancers in the theatre with Ufies). The 2nd year me and Amythest watched all 8 in the theatre over a weekend, and I've watched the rest when they came out on DVD. This year, it's Amazon Streaming. Yay movies. Yay quirky movies of horror. One zombie, one horror comedy, and now one haunted/possessed. So far, all have been pretty decent.

    While watching movies, I've made lunch, and I'm working on my Friday VM updates. For dinner I'll probably order a pizza, or go get a cheesesteak. Classic Vulpine dinner. Good way to spend day one of Spawning Day weekend,, horror, and Mythos stuff. I have a bunch of unsorted props and papers I was thinking of organizing. Yay organized eldritch horror.

    So that's about it for right now, I'll catch you all later. *waves a tentacle*