Time to get out the hockey mask and machete

And it's Friday, thank Cthulhu. Been an 'interesting' week. Boss was in town from Wed-Friday, and that always makes me edgy. Nothing particular he does or doesn't do, just my track record with managers kind of sucks. But I got a good lunch out of it, and the manager is pretty easy to get along with. So that's good.

Besides work, I'm slowly crawling out of the allergen infested swamp that my life has been for a long while. But as I get past the allergies, other things start flaking. My brainmeats aren't much better...between the anniversary of Mom's passing and Mother's Day (even with the fun of sending out Mother's day cards to people I know), I've been all over the map. To the point that unless in the next couple of weeks I settle down, my next pshrink visit will be a discussion of adjusting my meds. (Which is one of my least favorite things, med side effect adapting sucks). We'll see, but really this last few weeks have been unhappy brainweasel territory. And that's not good for me.

On the brighter side, it's Friday. Friday the 13th, which means a marathon of my favorite camp councilor slaughter. I'm also doing my usual geekery, currently updating the Ubuntu Desktop VM horde. I had some mental plans to do some more involved upgrades and moves and stuff, but I decided I rather be social-ish tomorrow and Sunday. Best friend time and all, with a possible side of reinstalling Uxía the laptop's OS. I'm thinking of sticking Xubuntu (XFCE desktop) on it. Not that I use my laptop much anymore, that whole not on call thing.

Not much else, trying to catch up on the to-read pile before a small flood of Lovecraftian fiction comes my way. Yay for preorders making appearances. Yay books with tentacles. On that note, since I've been staring at this post for a while now, I'll call it done. Catch you all on the flip side. *waves a tentacle*