Spawning, books, and VPN insanity.

It's almost October. My favorite month of the year. Halloween, hints of cool weather her in Texas, my spawning day. All good things. Not much in the way of October plans yet, well other than watching the livefeed/short film stream from the HP Lovecraft Film Festival next weekend, and the traditional marathon of "Friday the 13th" movies on Friday the 13th. I'm not planning to have a party, crowds are still pretty high on the stress-o-meter. But I will try to hang out with my friends (almost all couples, so that makes thing easier) around my spawning day.

This week has been mostly work foo. Doing the world's slowest test, trying to get our VPN to stop timing out after 8 hours, which seems to be the default. The settings look pretty simple, and my first, short test seems to have worked (with some unexpected quirkiness). But there's no way to test it, except to connect to the VPN and let it sit. Should have an answer in a little while.

Otherwise, I went bookstore raiding this morning, found a new small bookstore and gave it a look. Nice people, nice place, if a little unorganized. But since it was small, I could still go through the shelves pretty quickly. Gave me ideas of the space I'd need for my dream library *wink* I was planning on doing a bunch of chores today, but as I went for chilling out instead. Tomorrow I'll try to get some more errands done. Then it's back to Carcosa Corp. At least I'll have a VPN that lasts longer than 8 hours. Which will make my developers and devops people happy.

That's all I really have right now. Going to list to some audiobook foo for a while, then off to bed. Night cultists.

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