Plans should be called ‘guidelines’

Well I had planned to write a non-state of the fox post, something about a new computer project I have, or about books, fun stuff. Rather than my usual recap about how I'm slogging through the mood and anxiety issues. Friday night was good, built a VM with Linode, updated it and setup all my usual foo. Was rather impressed with the speed of the VM. Got everything setup, with the plan I'd work on it more on Saturday. Instead, after doing all the adulting I needed to do, I just vegged at home watching movies. Which I guessed I needed. Woke up this morning, and's a full set of Sundays. So I'm taking it easy right now, listening to an audiobook. Will be heading down to Amythest's place to hang out. Then back to Carcosa Corp for the last week of September. Then October comes, I hope my favorite month is full of cooler weather, happier moods, creepy books and movies and general positiveness. I can dream.

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