Cope, I can haz it ?

Been a crazy fortnight since I blogged last. Had a major mood crash at the beginning of the week, that had been building up for a while. Luckily, venting about the mood swing, and the problems I've had with leaving Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth on the weekends. Dealing with my fellow humans is pretty hard now adays, and I tend to use up all my coping tentacles during the work week. But after talking about it on Facebook, I've been doing a bit better. Even with work being kind of crazy this week. Yay for tentacle regeneration.

Got a book I'd been looking forward to. 'Cthulhu Blues' by Doug Wynne. 3rd book in one of my favorite Mythos series. Lots of fun to read, I'll try to write a more detailed review later. I highly recommend it, and not just because the author is a pal of mine. Plus I found out about interesting weirdness is Croatia. Go forth and read my fellow Lovecraft geeks.

Speaking of social stuff, I have a going away party for some friends who are leaving the sniffly hell of Texas for the Pacific Northwest. It will be good to see friends, and Seattle isn't all that far away, and I have plans for visiting places in the area in the future. And I'll be hanging with people tonight who know what's going on in my head, so if I hide in a corner or leave early, no one will think less of me. My friends are cool that way.

Running out of words, and focus. So I'll call this a post, then go read for a while before the party. Catch you all laters.

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