Books, Burgers and Beyond

Huzzah for 3 day weekend. Sadly, Labor Day weekend tends to fall on or around my Mom's spawning day. Specifically this year, it's today. I intentionally worked my plans around not having plans today. So if I woke up with a full on depression cycle, I could just stay in bed. Luckily for me, I woke up in an alright mood. I miss Mom, but there's no real sadness about the day. Which Mom would have preferred. I also made sure to have chores either done beforehand, or be doable after today. I then turned off Conky so the TODO list isn't visible. I'll start it up again before I go to bed tonight.

So I got up, ran one quick errand (pick up a script from the pharmacy), then aired up a tire that was low, and drove out to Half Price Books. Partially because that was a tradition with me and Mom, books on her birthday. And partially because they have an annual 20% sale for Labor Day weekend. Didn't go too crazy, and I ended up picking up a pair of books I already owned. Oops. I'd take them back, but I honestly don't know if I'd come out ahead with the current price of gas here in Texas. I had vague ideas of going to multiple bookstores, but I honestly didn't feel like it. So many books at home and all. I did stop by a big furniture store on the way back, been looking at getting a reading chair, and well, I wanted to test drive a few. Didn't buy anything, but I have a good idea what I want. So we'll see. Stopped by a burger place for lunch, and came home.

Been moving stuff around here in Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth. I really have way too much crap for this tiny apartment, but as long I as I don't look around, I can ignore it. *wink* When the weather gets cooler, I'm going to borrow someone's truck/SUV and haul out a bunch of stuff, either for donation or recycling.

Rest of Saturday? Well, a delay in writing while I run out and get a burrito. Came home, ate half of it. (half later for midnight snack or tomorrow). Now watching 'The Prestige' for the first time. Somehow I kept missing out on it. I'll also probably fiddle around with moving stuff around more. Yay for quiet, restful Saturdays...especially when I still have two more days off.

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