Sadly, the shoggoths didn’t do their chores.

First full week back at Carcosa Corp, and at Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth. Was a rough week mood/depression wise. But I was able to soldier on, and do all the adulting. Patched both stage environments at work. We'll do production week after next. Have a bunch of boring documentation to do as well. The wild life of a shoggoth wrangler.

Vegging at home today, well vegging and chores. Came home last night, and I went to bed early due to exhaustion. Forced myself to stay in bed til about 9am this morning. Had some weird dreams, including dreaming about a dream home in Victoria BC. Only reason I know that though is that Craigdarroch Castle was part of the dream. (We visited the castle when we stopped in Victoria during the cruise.) It's nice when my subconscious doesn't beat me up. Btw, my dream house has a view of the water and lots of room for bookshelves. Shocking, I know. I really liked what little I saw of Victoria, and I've been talking about going back there for a longer stay than 4 hours. (I'd like to go to some museums that have 'Royal' in the name) We'll see what happens. I also really want to see Puget Sound/Salish Sea again, the sea was a really dark green, almost black. Definitely was one of the high points of the vacation.

Chores were well, dull. Multiple loads of laundry, since I haven't done any since I got back from vacation. Store run earlier, picked up the kitchen and general cleaning at home. Allergies are in the 'annoying' zone. Really tired of coughing. Oh well, hopefully the shots will start having a real effect by the time the cedar trees go crazy around the holidays.

NecronomiCon is next weekend. Really, really wish I'd been able to make it. Oh well, I'll make it to Providence one day. On the plus side, I'll get reports on all the new releases that I'll need to acquire for the Starry Wisdom Library. And there's always 2019, and next year's HPLFF, and who knows what else. So that's about it for today's dump of Vulpine brainmeats.

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