Sailor on the Seas of Fhtagn

Well, it's less than a week til I head up to Seattle, and then get on a ship to Alaska and back. My biggest trip since I was a kid, with my folks. 11 days away from Château Innsmouth. Going to be...A mix of things. Honestly I'm kind of stressed about things. Travel makes me anxious, and this has all kinds of additional stressors added. But, I'll deal. I've spent today getting my tasks in order. Laundry, shopping, packing (yes I'm packing everything now, rather than flipping out later in the week). Already cut my wardrobe down so I could get everything packed. Of course, I'll probably pull everything out and repack it before the week is out.

So yeah, I'll gone for a long while. Not that I've been all that chatty on here, but I don't plan to be all that connected while on the cruise. I guess that's part of the anxiety, intentionally trying to disconnect for a while. Not completely, as I'm using my tablet for reading as usual. (I will bring a paper book or two just in case). I also will be bringing a bluetooth keyboard so I can keep journal entries on it, or at least notes of our adventures. Also have my camera, though I tend to be pretty lazy about taking pictures. Probably will spend most of my camera time taking sea photos.

Besides the trip, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. Busy with work, trying to get all my allergy shots in on time. Got my new, bifocal glasses today. Adapted to them pretty quick, of course I got the fancy no line/progressive lenses. Will be nice to be able to read small print book again without straining. Been fighting a kind of stalemate battle with my anxiety/depression. Keep trying to dig my heels in so it doesn't get a bigger foothold. Lots of reading, lots of movies. Some socializing, but it's been hard. I like being at Château Innsmouth, it's full of things I like. *wink* Oh well, I'll deal.

Also been plotting on my Providence trip for Necronomicon 2017. It's actually a less stressful trip, even though I'm going solo. Only going to be gone about half the time, and I'm pretty much staying in the same area of Providence most of the time. Of course, there's a lot of social activity, but that's with Lovecraftians, which previous experience tells me I'll find easier than most events. And I can always do my own rambles along Grandpa Theobald's streets. More plotting when I get back I think.

So that's about it. About to call it a night and go to bed. Books to read, and sleeps to have. If I don't post anything before I leave, see you all in August. Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!

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