Slowly climbing out of the hole…

Hey there cultists, how goes ? It's been a busy week at Carcosa Corp. Got some of my assignments done, or at least within range. I also finally got my passport in the mail. So I can officially enter Canada on my cruise next month. Assuming Canada lets me of course.

Mood has generally improved. Still running into depression ninjas and anxiety, but I'm getting past that with less effort. Books are back to being fun, and I'm not as lacking in focus. These are good things. I'm hoping it lasts.

Spent today watching movies with friends during the day, then came home. My AC is leaking, and I've been trying to stop it, then trying to clean up my bathroom and kitchen so if I have to get maintenance over here, it's not a huge deal. Well beyond hating people in Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth. On the plus side, I got some packages, a tshirt from the HP Lovecraft Historical Society and a cast fox skull that glows in the dark from Catalyst Studios. It's good to know nifty geeky people, and buy their things. You should buy their things. *wink*

Not much else, watching a Paul Naschy flick called 'Inquisition'. I do love the 70's Eurohorror genre, especially the period pieces. Sorta like the Hammer horror pieces cranked up to 11. Plus unlike the Hammer pieces, I keep finding new (to me) flicks. Only problem is, they're pretty much an taste I don't share with my friends. Oh well, some things are best enjoyed in private.

That's about it for right now, after the movie I'll head to bed and book and hopefully have a good night's sleep. Night cultists.

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