Putting the meat suit in its place

Stuff is going on. Had my pshrink visit this week. Trying a new med, and possibly a new kind of treatment plan. I'm not going into details yet, mostly because I'm still turning things over in my brain and doing research. As usual, I'm hopeful and scared to hope at the same time. But that's depression in a nutshell.

Work is well, work. Patchfest round one is finished for the quarter. Round two will be part this week, and part the week after. It's going be crazy, but I shall survive. It's one of those specialty things. Make all the servers bend to my will, and evolve. Plus I'll have a number of other tasks starting next week, but I can get it all done.

Today I went to see some friends. Stupid allergies and nasal drip is driving me crazy. I need to get the referral to an allergist this next week, so maybe I can get this under control too. I can dream at least. But it was good to see people. Social anxiety sucks on top of everything else I've got going on this year. But, I'm in charge of this damn meat suit, and it will start to fucking listen to me.

Well, that got a little intense. But it's true. So wish me luck on getting things back the way I want them. *crosses tentacles*

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