May the weekend gods be nice to us all

Weekly post time. Work week was ok, if not amazing. Still really like the job and the people I work with. Occasionally get frustrated with working in big corporation environments, and with some of the past decisions we have to work with. Still better than the Shoggoth Pit. And my complaints are low.

Brainmeats have been mean. General low grade depression, with the return of the nasty anxiety dreams from hell. I've also been pretty antisocial and wanting to avoid humanity (when I'm not hoping Cthulhu rises from the deep and goes for snacky time). It's not been fun. Woke up this morning after more anxiety dreams, but for a change I wasn't down. Magic of Fridays I guess.

Came home after work, been watching movies and updating the VM horde. Also spent my tax return monies finally. Nothing big (didn't get much back) just a replacement laptop bag, and some bits of Cthulhu stuff for Château Innsmouth. Probably should have spent it on debts or on future travel plans, but why not. Cultists need cultstuffs. I also really need to start showing off how Château Innsmouth is turning out. *grin*

Speaking of travel, plans are coming together for both the Alaska cruise, and the Pilgrimage to Providence. I'm kind of more exciting about Providence at the moment, but as the Musketeers reminded me, I'll have days at sea with a balcony looking over the water. And half joking about me sleeping out there...*grin* I also got the paperwork setup for my passport, i just need to make an appointment with the local post office for the photos and to submit things. Not waiting til the last minute. Only been meaning to get this done since I was I was a teen. Oh well, better late than never.

Weekend plans are to hang out with Ufies Saturday at a local coffee house. Beyond that, nothing really yet. I may work on chores, or I may run around doing stuff. Or I could just hide at home. Home is nice after all. We'll see. Oh, I have to sleep in, since I'll be up late tomorrow to monitor a router reboot. Should be a 15 min fix, but if I don't watch it, it will have issues, and I'll get a wake up call. Rather stay up and do the waking. As for why it's me, well one coworker did a late shift already this week, and the other's been fighting off a bug. Plus, I kind of miss being up to wee hours on a Saturday. So lets hope things go smooth. And lets hope for a relaxing weekend.

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