Stand Friday Postness

Another Friday, another post. Rough week, the promised break in the tree pollen has failed to happen. I locked my keys in my car, and I've been running around at work pulled in a bunch of different ways. But it still beats the Shoggoth Pit. I joked to my boss about moving to Iceland, and his comment was 'As long as you have decent internet it could be workable'. *chuckle* No, not planning to flee the country, just wishing I wasn't allergic to Texas. Yeah, I complain a lot...but this year has been hell.

I've been reading a lot as usual, bunch of new books came out that I had to have. King in Yellow Rock Opera tale, insidious conspiracies of Azathoth worshipers, stuff like that. I have some reviews I need to write, even though I hate writing them. I can't find the middle ground between epic reviews of length, and just saying 'I loved it'. Speaking of books, assuming I wake up with enough tentacles, I'll finally be putting together another 6' bookshelf for the Starry Wisdom Library, and then start moving books around. I also have some left over chores from last weekend that I need to do. Organize the bedroom, sort stuff, get rid of more trash. But mostly I do just want to get the bookcase done.

That's about it for my brainmeats. I have bright ideas to write things, but when I sit down I can't remember what I thought of. I think I really need to setup a speech to text system, and hook a mic in the that is traditionally where my best ideas show up. Ok, I'm calling this a post. *waves a tentacle*

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