Sunday: running low on tentacles.

I tried to sleep in, kind of suceeded. Headed back to the Hollywood Theatre. Wandered around, talked to people, including a bookbinder who does custom books. I've wanted a custom edition of 'Shadow Over Innsmouth' so I asked him a few questions, and got details of what I need and what it would cost. Something I'll be doing later this year. Went to a audio play version of 'The Hound', again by Stuart Gordon. Again, fun in a audience. I also went to the screening of 'The Asphrx'. Old Hammer style horror flick, with some vague nods to a couple of HPL's stories. I've seen it before, many years ago I rented it back in high school. Was fun, in that Hammer style that I love.

After the flicks I went to get some dinner. Per a friend's recommendations I had the fish and chips, and it was wonderful. But after that I was really tired, so I said my goodbyes and headed back to the hotel to eat cookies and chill out. Slept well, got up and made it to the airport, and back home in one piece. Thus was my adventures at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival.

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