Saturday Cultist was soaked to the bone

Got up early, gathered books to be signed, and headed back out for the 'Carbload for Cthulhu'. Free donuts and bagels and authors to sign stuff. Scott Jones, Kenneth Hite, Cody Goodfellow, S.T. Joshi, Wendy N. Wagner and more. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming, it became a thing, people finding out it was my first fest and being glad I finally made it. *cheer* Bought more books, and ran back to the hotel to drop them off and come back for the flicks.

Saturday's first flick was 'Bad Ass Monster Killers'. Imagine if HP Lovecraft lived until the 70's and became a huge fan of Fred Williamson and Shaft movies. This would have been the screenplay he wrote. Cheese grande, hysterical and glorious. I bought a copy of the DVD, and another flick by the group that did it to inflict on my friends. Speaking of friends, I randomly joined into conversations and met people. *waves at Anders*

Hung around, wandered around the vendors. Met a number of people I'd only talked to online. Ann Koi, Sean Branney and Andrew Leman from the HPLHS, other people that we have friends in common. Everyone was as friendly as before. Spent monies on cool things, and shockingly...books. *wink* Then I got a front row seat for the HPLHS live performance of 'Dagon: War of Worlds'. Was fun to watch/listen to, always good to support the HPLHS. Afterwards I went for sushi, a place I'd walked by and made note of. New tasty fishy for me, mackerel. Strong flavor, but enjoyable. I seem to like my sushi to have a strong flavor more often than not.

Then I watched the re-release of 'From Beyond' with Stuart Gordon. I'd never seen it with an audience beyond that of a few friends, and it was great. Need to see more classic movies in the theaters. Afterwards I was part of a small panel with Stuart Gordon, discussing movies and stories with him. Yes, I got to chitchat with one of my favorite directors twice during the fest. Also got my copy of 'Dagon' signed, because yes, I am a fanboy.

Afterwards I headed back to the hotel in the rain. Books made it safe, though I was a tad soaked. Crashed out and slept pretty good.

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