Friday night: The Creature Below and Downhill

Saw two movies Friday night. The first one was 'The Creature Below'. A British monster flick with Lovecraftian bits. I'd been looking forward to seeing it since before I decided to go to the fest. So when they announced it was showing I did some happy dancing. The movie was good, not as good as I'd expected, but still good. Tentacles everywhere. And the love between a girl and her adopted octopus. 4 out of 5 tentacles.

The second movie was 'Downhill'' It tried very hard, but it wasn't sure if it was an infection horror, a chased by crazies horror, or a cultists in the woods horror. Very well shot, and Chile is gorgeous, but it didn't hold that well together. 2 out of 5 cultists to Shubby. That being said, I'd probably watch it again. Maybe it would hold together better on repeat viewing, and like I said it's a very pretty movie.

AFter the two flicks I called it a night. All 3 nights there were after parties at local places, but consistently was out of tentacles by the time they rolled around, and hotel and bed seemed more appealing.

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