First post from Innsmouth West

Well I survived the flight. Security theater was pretty simple, other than my hair got a rather involved pat down. I realized that as long and thick as it ism I probably could hide a small machete in it. Flight was nice, Alaska Air does a good job. My only complaint was the kids traveling alone behind me, they were rather loud and hyper. And occasionally creepy. Singing Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe through the Tulips' gave me flashbacks to 'Insidious'. But luckily, no Darth Maul demon was summoned.

Landed, had my luggage within 15 min. Found the lightrail, got on the train and saw my first Northwestern Hipster in the wild. The whole nine yards, plaid jacket, fancy jeans, hiking boots and a sardonic 'Trump' hat. Found my hotel, got checked in and got my room. Check in was supposed to be at 4pm, but they had available rooms so I could drop my stuff off..

The Gilman House, as I've dubbed it, is nifty. Quirky decorating in the lobby, and my room is exactly as advertised. Tiny, shared bathroom down the hall, and it (pleasantly) reeks of history. My only complaint is a distinct lack of shelves or desk or such. But that's minor, honestly it's what I'd want in a bedroom...a place to sleep. The Ancient Romans would approve of my cubiculum. Oh yeah, and I have a lovely view, of a brick wall. Reminds me of agnate sibling's apartment in Soho oh so many many years ago. *giggle* Rent here is probably cheaper that that was back in the 70's. Since I'd been up since before 2am PDT, I tried taking a nap, but I was too wired, and I rarely nap well at the best of times. So I got up, got dressed, and promptly lost my room key. I have no idea where it went. My magic gift to be able to lose something that was literally in my hand 10 seconds before. Oh well, the hotel staff are extra nice and replaced it without snickering.

Went to Powell's City of Books. Or Heaven, you choose. Oh my biblophilic gods. I found books on everything. So much so I had to set a mental rule of only one book per subject or author. That being said I came out with a basketfull. Luckily for my luggage, they ship Media Mail. $12.50 to ship my loot back to DFW. I also went into the Holy of Holies, the Rare Book Room. Sadly no Necronomicon or Cthaat Aquadingen, but there was some gorgeous old books that I could have made homes for...not even sure what some of them where about, just that the binding was gorgeous. Books, so many books. If I don't come home, I'm probably hiding out there. Don't try to find me ;)

Took the bus back (walked to Powells), stopped in the local corner store for water and caffeine (yes I'm off the wagon, at least for today). Came back, went to the rooftop deck of the Gilman, and wow...what a view. Hills, some funky old building, a couple of kind of ugly modern skyscrapers, lots of green stuff. My sinuses are loving it here. Too bad my sweat glands think we're drowning. Same thing as when I went to NYC last year, it's humid enough that when I'm inside without lots of flowing air, I sweat like a shoggoth in the desert. I guess I'm somewhat adapted to Texas life. Ugg.

Oh, and yet more proof I may need a keeper. I managed to lock myself out of my room. I went back down to grab my tablet and keyboard to write this, went to go to the bathroom and realized that I'd left the room key on the bed. Twice I've failed at room keys and I've only been here 4 hours. Luckily housekeeping was understanding and let me in. So I came up to the deck, and realized...

I'd forgotten to grab my stand for the tablet, and I'd forgotten to pee. *facetentacle*

Really, I don't need TODO lists, I need smart ink tattoos of the next 5 steps in my planned activity. I'd say keep the key in my wallet, but I bought a new RFID blocking wallet and keys have issues with that. Trying a plan B later. Or I'm going to buy a lanyard and a holder...along with a 'If found lost deliver to the Esoteric Order of Dagon, Portland Chapter'.

So yeah, I'm hanging out on the roof, listening to the sounds of the city (police sirens at the moment), and writing this post. I've also found the place where the meet, greet and honor Great Cthulhu gather happens tonight...I can see it from the roof. Downtown Portland is kind of small that way.

I think I'm going to wrap this up, because it's starting to rain. Ooops. Via con queso everyone.

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