I’m leaving, on a shoggoth…

Well, by this time tomorrow I'll be in Portland, Oregon for the HPLFF. I'm mostly excited, a little nervous about the travel and security theater and stuff. I'll be getting up tomorrow around 4am to get to the airport. Everything (minus a couple of last minute items) is packed. So going to make tonight a simple night of taking care of myself, and going to bed way early. Woohoo.

I'm not bringing my laptop to Portland, though I do have a keyboard for my tablet, so I should be making some degree of commentary on it. Probably more on Facebook than on LJ, but we'll see. I'm also bringing a camera, but I won't be posting pics (unless I use my cell camera instead) because I don't have a gadget to go from camera to tablet. So, be patient fellow cultists.

Besides the HPLFF, I'll be wandering Portland Thursday and Friday days, museums and Powell's books and new and interesting foods. Monday AM I'll be flying back, be back home mid afternoon DFW time. I took the day after off so I can decompress.

So that's it from here at Carcosa Corp. Wish me luck, calmness, and that Great Cthulhu inspires me to new levels of cultic behavior. *waves tentacle*

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