Eldritch Pilgrimage

Quick post. I've decided to finally do something I've been wanting to do for years.

I'm going to the HP Lovecraft Film Festival. specifically the one in October in Portland, Oregon.

I've been seriously thinking about it for a few weeks, and today I was looking at flights and hotels to put a budget together, and I found a decent flight in the time frame I wanted. So I took the eldritch plunge and booked the flight, and reserved a hotel room in the hotel giving the fest a good rate. Yay me, yay travelings. Oh dear gods, I'm going to be with...PEOPLE!

Yeah, social anxiety is calling out rather loud. Which i expected. I hope it settles down though. But it will probably be like my trip to New York, where I went from anxious to excited and back again. We'll see.

So yeah, traveling to the Northwest. Besides the HPLFF, I'm not doing much else. Going to Powells books before the Fest is about it. Because well, I'm in Portland. I'll post more details as I find them out, or make them up. *crazy tentacles flails of joy and worry*

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