Three Day Weekend

It's the weekend again, yay! It's a three day weekend, double yay! Friday night was taking the Musketeers out to dinner before they leave town for a long European vacation. *envy* Oh well, one of these lifetimes I'll make it over the Pond. Woke up this morning, ran some errands, came home. Got my new multi-region Blu Ray player, set it up, and am now watching the new bluray edition of 'The Lurking Fear'. Besides movies, I'm doing my usual geekery. The plan is to basically relax til sundown, then do the laundry. Mostly though, just want to take it easy today.

Was a good week, pshrink visit on Wednesday to adjust my meds again. I was doing better, but I thought there was still room for improvement. Work is decent, home life is quiet. Really no big change other than the pshrink visit.

Tomorrow I'll be hanging out with some friends, possibly with a visit to the big Half Price Books in Dallas. Monday I'm going to hermit here at Ch√Ęteau Innsmouth and dive into my pile of books to read. Good way to celebrate independence i think. Then it's back to work, with some after hours time to make up for the day off.

So that's this week in fox land. The next few weeks will be a little tricky, as the above mentioned best friends will be out of town. Luckily I have a good support network, stuff to keep me busy. I'll be ok. I'm tough that way. *wink* Ok, that's enough rambling. I'll write more later on.

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