The Three-Lobed Burning Weekend

Three day weekend. So much yay. Though next week will be kind of crazy making up for extra day off (down side of a contract position). Weekend plans are going to see the new X-Men movie tomorrow, and helping with a certain Amythest organizing a home office. (No, I'm not setting up a minifridge full of Code Red and a Cthulhu statue...not my idea of a home office). Sunday and Monday I'm planning on hermiting mostly, and doing some chores. Mostly down time though. I'm feeling a little kerfrazzled and I think I need me, my bad movies, my computer horde and my books to relax. A little stressed about next week's weird hours and pshrink visit. Given the rough time I've had, I have a feeling we need to tweak my meds. And that's something I dislike, side effect adjustment sucks. But, I could be better. And hopefully I will be quickly.

Otherwise things are decent. Been reading a lot which is kind of a given. History and Cthulhu, it's been a bit of a bonanza the last few weeks with Mythos stuff. Work stuff is good, will be working my first maintenances at Carcosa, the above mentioned weird hours to make up for the day off. Which honestly, I'm looking forward to. I do not like making other people do work that I can do. Silly contract limitations. Not really much else for the week. So I guess I'll call this post done. Probably ramble more tomorrow. Catch you all later.

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