Weekend Rambles

Still not back to normal physically. This has been the worst season for allergies I can remember. Stupid lack of winter this year. I'm also having spikes of emotional foo. Last night in particular. I went to bed to read, turned out the lights about midnight and my brain immediately starting replaying things from my past I rather not think about. Pried myself out of bed and dove back into reading. Went back to sleep about 1am, and that worked out better. Right now I'm ok. Well besides coughing.

Saw 'Black Widow: Civil War' yesterday *wink* Was fun, lots of nifty fight scenes, a little too much angst in spots. But it met up to the hype.

Haven't done much this weekend otherwise, haven't had a lot of drive. Did hook up the spare widescreen monitor to Hydra. Which was cool in a plug+play kind of way, but it's not as useful as I thought. Oh well. I may decide to move Shoggoth over, and add LXDE to the server and have it run with a monitor as well. I dunno.

Going to go down to Amythest's in a while and do all the laundries. She's offered to make her chicken noodle soup for me since I'm feeling puny. Best friends rock. The work week will probably be a little stressful. I have a number of things I need to get done, and our boss (who works out of Kansas City) will be in town for part of the week. Not a bad thing, but last visit kind of generated a lot of waves. Lets hope this is a good week.

Not much else. I've got the TV on one of my haunting shows on as background noise. I'll probably cook some lunch in a bit, then head on down. Ok. I'm going to call this a post. Catch you all later.

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